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Hi, I’m Sue Mimm, a certified professional dog trainer and behaviour therapist. I would like to help you build an amazing, connected partnership with your dog, so that you can turn your challenges into triumphs, enjoy activities together, and bring about calmness and balance into everyday life!I will coach you to become a calm and confident partner and guardian for your dog, teaching you how to understand, communicate and collaborate as a team, and overcome any challenges that you and your dog may have.A lifetime of experience of living with dogs, cats and horses led me to my dream career as a holistic dog trainer, behaviour therapist and wellness advocate.I have spent the past five years immersing myself in learning everything I can about dogs. From nutrition to cognitive brain functions, and the latest scientific research in dog behaviour and modern training techniques, to the emotional needs and welfare of our canine friends living in our complex, fast paced society. I completed my Diploma as an Austrian Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant, and I have attended multiple seminars, webinars and workshops by some of the top trainers and coaches from around the world.

Sue Mimm

Diplomierte Trainerin und Verhaltensberaterin für Hunde